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I am a Master’ of Science in Computer Engineering in Computer Engineering specializing in Internet of Things. My skills lie mainly in embedded systems and software development. I am familiar with AVR and ARM microcontrollers. I’m also an Android developer and a website designer. On the side, I build websites for local businesses in NYC.

Avid Soccer Fan

My entire childhood is marked growing up with soccer. I used to play soccer at a very early age of 5 with my older brother and fell in love with the sport. Soccer is my life and am an avid fan and player. One day I would love to do something with soccer as a career.


I have various interests and skills apart from engineering and soccer. I am a huge fan of music and is pivotal to my work ethics and habits. I have a huge interest in investing, business, politics, reading books and learning, science, etc. You can learn more about me here.


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